Jake Pimley

As the son of an electrician father and a realtor mother, Jake was groomed to be in the real estate industry from a very young age. When he wasn’t pulling wire or creating listing flyers, he was helping his grandparents at their apartment complex.

Jake began his real estate career during his freshman year of college. Along with his business school prerequisites, he opted to earn his real estate license and became a licensed realtor at age 18. Realty came naturally to Jake as he grew up watching the ins and outs of the business and knows the value of hard work and discipline. During college Jake worked as a licensed real estate assistant until he graduated with his degree in business, economics and finance.

After college, Jake began working in mortgage industry. The ability to help people achieve their goals and dreams resonated with Jake. Jake believes that whether it is a veteran buying his first house after returning home from deployment, a new family upgrading to a bigger home to accommodate their growing brood, or a retiree needing a reverse mortgage to discontinue her payments, everyone has a story and their home is part of that. Having the opportunity to be involved in that narrative, if only for a moment, is so rewarding to Jake, which is why he has dedicated himself to work in that realm for the last 15 years.

Through the tumultuous market changes, Jake has seen the industry ebb and flow and has enjoyed educating his clients and helping them adapt to the ever-changing environment. The single most important thing that Jake has learned is to be ready for change and embrace it as it comes.

Growing up in the Columbia River Gorge, Jake has a love for the outdoors. When I’m not working, Jake and his wife are out exploring the Northwest with their 2 young children.